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This is Good Friday-Resurrection Sunday is coming very soon. Yes in 2 days of course, but soon very soon for Eternity.

Just like once a month communion at church can become just a ritual. "Easter" has become the same, its just a day to most and sadly to a lot of folks Jesus is not even any part of it. That we have forsaken the memory of the one who died was buried and rose again. We should be in remembrance of this everyday on our own. Not having to be reminded or told, OH today is the day of the year we pay homage to that Jesus. Please Please never let us forget The what the who we are remembering.

I hear so many both saved and unsaved bickering over this "holiday". "Its just a Pagen holiday, its celebrating ishtar not Jesus, its not even the right timing or right days, etc., etc.". We as people love to bicker between each other, between denominations. so what can we agree on?

  1. Jesus came into our lives brought us out of "saved us" from what ever mess "sin" we had ourselves into. forever changing our lives. If that's not something you can say then, why not today? Today is as good as any to find your salvation threw Jesus.

  2. He "Jesus" was marred beyond any man. "Its hard for us to visualize just how much damage was inflicted upon his body." I think it that we choose not to thank about it. That way its easier on us., makes it less impactful so we can focus on cute bunnies that lay eggs. But the should we forget that its by his stripes we are healed?

  3. He shed his blood for us, it was poured out. At the place were he was flogged, along the road to Calvery as he was forced to carry the same cross in which he would hang from. Anad lastly as he hung nailed to that cross. Its his blood and his alone that washes us of our sins.

  4. That he died, not just dies and was buried. But that he resurrected, rose again, lives forever. Defeated death hell and the grave, so that we who believe upon him should not fear death anymore. "For death were is your sting"?

Mabey we cant even agree even on these points? But what i do know is that I don't need anyone to tell me that this is a day to celebrate the one who gave his life for me. I don't need a holiday and I don't need a day on a calendar telling me this is an important day to Rember Jesus. Every morning I wake up I realize what price has been paid for me, and I hope and pray you do also?.

Easter one of the 3 days of the year people can drag themselves to church service. But what are they going for? Is it for a specific day on a calendar? Or because of a tradition? Mabey because you feel like you should? OR is it for JESUS??

We all need Jesus everyday

Just give me Jesus and you can have the rest..

I hope you have a wonderful celebration of Jesus Everday of your life

What a good good God we have

John Boyle a.p.

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