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On good ground

The parable of the sower Mark 4:3-8.

In a world full of fears. some real most trumped-up by satan himself. To keep both believers and non believers in a state of worry, anxiety and what if's. And everyday that comes and goes as we draw extremely close to the "rapture" and then the coming of Christ. The world waxes more and more into a state of uncertainties never knowing what tomorrow will bring. Wars, famines, financial ruin, weather, violence on and on the list can go. I have to ask do you believe? Have a relationship with Jesus? If yes the is it rooted in good ground? What is good ground? Well lets look at farmers. First they take a plow or ripper or disk, something that can get deep into the ground and expose the soil underneath. Then come back and chisel or cultivate the ground so that it can absorb. After that a lot of times they will test the ground and apply what ever the ground is lacking back into the ground and then cultivate it again, So the ground has all it needs to produce abundantly. So the ground is broken, then cultivated, then tested and what its lacking is poured into it. So that it can produce plentifully, some thirtyfold some sixty and some a hundred.

Thats us folks, Amen. So many times we come to Christ as a broken mess, barren and covered in sin "weeds". Unable to produce anything but more weeds. Having exhausted all of mans efforts to no avail. Or were broken at the alter under the weight. But like my brother Terry says "at the alter were only broken for a second and then hes lifting us up and filling us up". And thats when we encounter our savior the one who paid the price for those sins we carry. And giving our lives to him the only one who can save. The process starts. Now that our ground has been broken. Jesus through the Holy Spirit starts to cultivate us. pouring his love and his word into us. Testing us, pouring more of himself in cultivating us, preparing us, refining us, purifying us to produce as much as we can. If we let him, if were hungry and stay hungry. So many times we start the process but never let Jesus get us "our ground" to a state of abundant sustainable production. Many times were not in a good bible teaching bible believing church, so the word "the seed" falls by the wayside or on stony ground. Your root cant get rooted deep. So the first testing, hardship or persecution that comes along you wither under the heat "the sun". Or thorns come up around you and smoother you out. But if your planted on good ground and cultivated and nurtured so your root can get deep into that good ground of Jesus Christ. Then you will have what you need to withstand all the world brings at you while still producing plenty in the midst of hardship, in loss. in pain, in failure.

Its important to be in a church that you can grow in and will disciple you. to help you root and grow, by the word of God and the Holy Spirit. I my sound bias and i probably am but i dont personally know of another church that is training up brothers and sisters to produce, Filling them with the whole word of God, speaking on all things going on in the world around us not refraining or tickling ears for fear of backlash or loosing church members. I encourage you to come to our church if your hungry for the truth, hungry for the word. Or find a church that will disciple you in truth. I also encourage you if your reading this and dont know Jesus as your lord and savior please talk to him. Ask him to be lord of your life. Repent of your sins. confess him as your savior.

A. admit your a sinner and repent

B. believe that he died shed his blood for you and rose again on the third day

C. confess Jesus as your lord and savior

Saved and set free by the blood he shed for you as he hung on that cross, so you wouldn't have to. And defeated death so you to could have victory over the grave, and have eternal life with him. Hallelujah.!!

God bless you always

time is so very short please look to the lord

John Boyle A.P

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