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When the waves hit you in the face

Do you know what its like to not be afraid when Gods got this? Standing in the face of the storm as is rages Infront of you all around you, not scared not moving, staring it down with a smile on your face and a unquenchable confidence. As the waves are coming in and the sea foam is hitting you in the face, and every part of your flesh is saying Fear-Run. Yet God yes God has this.

So what storm are you facing? Your storm can come in many different forms, sometimes more then one storm at a time. Your kids, your health, your job, your financial stability, your mental and spiritual health. let me ask what do you see in the storm? Do you see just the waves? or do you see Jesus?

So often in the storm our eyes our focus comes off Jesus and focuses on the storm. Which means we tend to take on the storm our selves instead of relying on Jesus to calm the storm. Then we feel overwhelmed frustrated and inadequate and often the storm consumes us.

But when we look at Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35 and Luke 8:22 what do we see Jesus telling us? That he calms the storms. That he is with us always even when we don't realize it or lose sight of him. Jesus is in control always. Rely on him the one who has all things in his hand. The one who on that cross overcame the whole world, there is nothing spirit or flesh that Jesus has not overcome.

Next time a storm comes up in your life you need to remember not to take your eyes off Jesus. Not to worry, stress or Doubt all that Jesus has done for you and will do for you. He is willing are you willing to let him?

And as always remember The Gospel1 Chorinthians 15:1-4

and the ABC's

A. admit that your a sinner and repent of your sins that Jesus shed his blood on that cross to wash them away from you

B. believe with your whole heart that Jesus died and rose again, that he is the only way to salvation

C. and confess him as lord and Savior of your life

God bless you always

John Boyle A.P.

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