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Wednesday Night Discipleship

Wednesday Night Discipleship

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Come join us on Wednesday nights @ 7 pm for fellowship and diving deep into the Word and growing in God together.

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Children oriented biblical educational services on both Sunday mornings @ 10 am, and Wednesday nights 7 pm, to train up our young ones in the way that they should go.

Our Youth Ministry is preparing the faith-filled leaders of the next generation, showing them that there is more to this life than the vain pursuits the world has to offer, but a path to a higher calling. A call to level up your Faith, your Friendships, and of course, the Fun.


Meets: every Wednesday night @ 7 pm

purple The House

Once a month, the Women of The House meet in fellowship to establish the roots of friendship and church family, and roots in our faith in Christ in a powerful study and discussion of the word through a female perspective.


Meets: Once a month Check Upcoming Events Page for more info

Location: House of Restoration

Time: 10:30 am

Soul Food Ministries
people loving people
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Soul Food is our opportunity to minister to those who have found themselves on hard times. from the homeless needing food, water, soap, clothing, etc. Also providing assistance to those who just need a helping hand.


Contact Jen: 405-517-0632

The House Bible College

In these strange times it seems that becoming an ordained minister is a few clicks and a short video away, making that which you’ve claimed the title of, empty with a foundation built upon the sand. To combat this ministry of madness, the House of Restoration has dedicated to reinstate the quality education in the doctrines of the Bible, the preeminence of the Holy Spirit, the philosophy and structure of sermons, drawing inspiration from first church leaders, understanding the prevalence of the dispensations, and the importance and need for attesting miracles and healing in the church today. Over the course of 100 + hours of training, discussion, and education, you’ll become well versed in the teachings of Christ and the mystery of the gospel He revealed to His Apostles. If for nothing more than to learn some of the deeper things of God, come join our classes, and grow in Christ.

kingdom builders

Kingdom Builders is our Men's Ministry focused on building a stronger foundation in Christ. Fellowship is centered around strengthening the God fearing heart of modern man, while set in a outdoor retreat environment. 

Meets: Hi-D-Ho 9900 SW 89th St Mustang OK
Info: Bob Hays 405-388-7330


Join Johnathan Moore & John Boyle as they dive into diverse topics in Christ.  A honestly blunt podcast that cuts deep through the weeds of Faith. 

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