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Reset Famine

Well im sure most of you have heard of the World economic forum and the Global reset they want to usher in. The tie ins with there reset and the book of Daniel chapter 7 and revelation chapter 13 in the Bible talking of the coming beast system are incredible to say the least. What there wanting to do is rather they know it or not is put in place the beast system. So that the coming antichrist can walk right into an already set in place system, so he can look like "again anti or counterfeit" the savior of the world. He will promise peace to a torn world and have a solution to all the worlds problems, for 3 1/2 years anyways. But what comes with this "Great Reset"? Were seeing it play out in front of our eyes today with baby formula shortages, the shelves not so stocked any more at your local stores, autoparts supply, Ukraine crises not being able to get crops out to the rest of europe, gas shortages in europe, gas prices the highest ever here in the states, and the list goes on. One of the greatest famines in the bible is during the time of Joseph. Genesis 47 starting in verse 13. look at the uncanny similarities from this in the bible and what we see playing out before our eyes. in verse 15 the money failed. we see know there wanting to collapse the "almighty dollar" and why? We already saw why to make way for and set up the coming beast system. Digital one world currency. Then in verse 17 they sell to get bread, in verse 18 they sell to get bread. Then in verse 19 they sell them selves and there lands for bread. Hum makes it pretty easy to see why they want to collapse the economy, and to see how that mark of the beast will come into effect. Make no mistake this famine is coming we see it happing and its coming mostly to get you into compliance. weather it be famine of food or the next virus. When your forced to starve or go to them begging for bread which they wont give you unless you take the mark "the mask the jab" its just conditioning us. We like to say we would never, but satan is a master at his game of FEAR and until your life or your families lives are in danger you really dont know how you would respond. My pastor tells of when he was growing up after his dad died times were very tuff in his familly but his momma never stopped praying and although they didnt have much they still had, even if that was just living on katchup sandwhiches. And that brings me to gen 47 verse 22 The only land they did not buy was the priests land for the pharaoh alloted them there own rations in which they ate. God time and time again has taken care of his childern. When others were dying or doing without. God saw his children through even when they didnt see it and were complaining the whole time.

Listen i dont write this to scare, i write it to make you aware. Were in the last days Jesus is coming soon. But for those who believe in and have a relationship with the only savior Jesus Christ. Then you hold onto a blessed hope a knowledge that before the antichrist comes on the seen Jesus will call his bride to him. Like John in Rev 4:1. Whether you believe or not you cant deny the rapped decay of this world in which we are living, everthing is pointing to the second coming of christ if you know him. Or for those that dont know him then its the soon end of the world. "agenda 2030"? So does your trust lie in self for bread when money is no good? Or mabey that your government will take care of you? No these will not, only your faith and trust in Jesus will see you through. look at whats happing in Sri Lanka right now. Look at what happened in Australia during covid. Forcibly putting people in "wellness camps". If you dont comply to there system "the coming beast system" then they have no use for you. If your forced will you take the dying world or the Eternal Jesus? If your not right with Jesus please today can be the day you get to know your savior. Hes always been there in the good and the bad of your life, no matter how bad, extending his hand to you offering you salvation. Why wait you cant be promised tomorrow you could die tonight. Why take the chance between Heaven and Hell, Know that your going to Eternal rest and love with Jesus Christ 1 cointhians 15:1-4. the gospel. The ABC's talk to Jesus tell him these and believe it

Admit that your a sinner and repent of those sins

Believe that Jesus shed his blood for your sins and that he died and rose again.

Confess Jesus as lord and savior over your life

Each day that passes this becomes ever more important every step you take the death angel is right behind you. You dont know when you will draw your last breath weather thats having a massive heart attack, slipping in the shower or Shot in some random act of violence you just dont know. Your arrogance your pride your cockiness wont save you only Hurt you. What are you holding onto by not giving your life to christ? In the end the choice is yours in Deuteronomy 30: 19-20 God says " I call heven and earth as witnesses against you, that i have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore CHOOSE life, that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey his voice, that you my cling to him, for he is your life and the length of your days".

I pray blessings to whom ever reads this most importantly that you find salvation through Jesus Christ.

God bless

John Boyle A.P

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